Thursday, September 12, 2019

Applicaton and project listings

"The South Central Illinois Continuum of Care has posted its Annual Application, Priority Listing, and List of Projects Requesting Funds on its website. This posting allows the public to see the full request along with a detailed description of the work being done across 18 counties in south central Illinois to address and end homelessness. The material can be accessed at"

Monday, August 26, 2019

Final Ranking and Scoring

The following is the final ranking and scoring:

South Central Illinois CoC (IL-515)

FY2019 CoC Competition
Project Name Final RANK
Permanent Supportive Housing 33.00 1
Permanent Supportive Housing 32.00 2
DV Bonus Joint TH-RRH 2019 28.70 3
Rapid Re-Housing 28.00 4
Rapid Re-Housing 28.00 5
Rapid Re-Housing 27.00 6
Macoupin County Coordinated Entry 22.55 7
Joint TH RRH (DV Bonus) 18B 8
PSH FY19 Bonus 3B 9
HMIS Bonus 0B 10